Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Whats Your Favorite Addiction??

We all know that each spring and fall there are atleast one or more shows that pull and drag us to sit infront of our t.v's every week, same place, same time, just to see whats going to happen next. I know alot of people, girls in particular, who would block off their whole evening just to watch their favorite show. Like the O.C. for example, for as long as that show has been running there have been O.C. fanatics who would have O.C. sleep over parties just to watch the show. I personaly never got into it but i have yet to miss an episode or Entourage on HBO.

This past fall there have been many shows that have recived high reviews and praise from views alike. From the list of about 12 of the main sitcoms, lets break down three of them for thoses of you who might not have been around a t.v in the last four months.

The first show that recived a five star ranking by its viewers was Friday Night Lights. That show was based on the book and the motion picture, where it follows a group of young highschool boys through their highschool football season, in the football crazed town of Odessa Texas. Personaly I love football, but I just could never get into the show. It was more about drama and less about the sport. I gave it 3 &1/2 stars, best comparison is O.C. meets Monday NIght Football.

The next show that was very popular in 2006 was Greys Anatomy. In the show they follow around a group of young college kids as they are trying to break into the doctor bussiness. I personaly like this show alot because it has a gret mix of humor, drama, and it always has you guessing. I gave it 4 &1/2 stars, best comparison is Dallas meets E.R

The last sitcome thatdid very well again this fall season was Desperate House Wives. Ive been an avid watcher of the show from its begining show three years ago and have seen most of the episodes sence then. I mean who dosnt like to see beautiful women do funny things and see how they plot and sceme against each other. It has the perfect blend of sex apeal ( see eva longoira http://www.evalongoria.com/), a never ending twisting plot, humor,and drama. I gave it 5 out of 5 stars, best comparison is eventhough there really isnt one is, Sex in the city meets Leave it to Beaver.