Thursday, November 02, 2006


On televison and radio today we are only allowed to hear and see what the corporate owners want us to see. In my mind hip-hop as an art has diminished greatly especially in the last five years. It seems as though anyone today can become a rapper if they have a catchy lil song. For example, new sixteen year old artist Jibbs and his single Chain Hang Low. I'm shure that all of you have heard it, its almost impossible to have not heard it being that it is currently ranked at number seven on Billboards top 100 list. A hood spin off of the childhood song do your ears hang low, Jibbs song is exactly what new corporate owners are looking for. For one they know that its catchy so it will get stuck in your head, but they also know that it is very suburben friednly because it isn't very "hard core" or "gangster". On the other end there is the new Game cd Doctors Advocate, which has about five tracks that have a chance to go platinum yet they get no air play and no tevlivison except for on BET which is known for hip- hop music. As of right now the three best rappers who still have some lyrical content, which is the quality of their words and the way that they weave them together to make their music not the lil catchy hook to keep you focused on that instead of their week ass rymes, are Lil Wayne, The Game, now Nas who is making a comeback. Thoses artist make fire tracks, all of their albums I can listen to track 1-18, unlike Jibbs who only has one other decent track. Yet they dont get as mutch air play becasue they still represent what "white" america and the corparations are afraid off, hard street rappers who speak their mind and who bring up issues that people dont wanna talk about and who look like "gangsters" and who are well off and prosperous. I can attribute thats to the sensorship of the media. By not allowing Americans to hear good music that is true to the molds of REAL hip-hop, artist are now forced to make not as high a quality tracks but catchy enough and "clean" enough to be played nation wide and make the little money that they are promised on their contract. So if your like me and feel that the music being overplayed on the radio and tired of cheep music videos, and hear white girls singing the hook ( no offense but you do, but i still love you all) then blame the media for controlling what we see ,hear and suggest about what we should think.
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