Thursday, October 12, 2006

What would T.V be without them...............................?

From the time tat we are little we have watched t.v. We all had our favorite shows growing up like Ninja Turtles, Barney, or Sesame Street. While there were all these shows going on at the time there were a few shows that grew to become three of the most important tv shows to ever be made. The first show is The Cosby Show which aired from 1984-1992 running eight seasons. The Cosby Show won six emeys, three gold globes, five NCAAP Image Awards, and a Pebody award during its tenure. What made the cosby show soo great was that it was the only show of its time to have a nation wide audience of both black and white viewers to as show where all the characters were African-American. How could you not love the Cosby's and lil Trudy. Another aspect of the Cosby Show was that it was the only show to portray an African-American family as well off and prosperous, a normal family, with traditional family values and not make race a huge factor of their lives. At the time this was great because it gave a positive message to Blacks in the U.S. that life did'nt have to be all about race.

Next is The Simpsons, which I can remeber watching as loong as I can remember. The Simpsons is the longest running American sitcom of all time, running from December 17, 1989 till the present day, spanning a 381 episodes. The simpsons was the first show to address political, and all isusses of everyday life while making it funny and showing middle-class suburban life. The simpons is also vey important because they are the mold by which all cartoon sitcoms are based today and where every show gets it's ideas from because like they say the Simpsons have done it all.

The last show that I feel is important is more recent but just as relevant, Survivor. Survivor hit the sceen in the early 2k taking the U.S by storm. During the first season thats all everyone was talking about. Sence then there have been many other survivors based in different parts of the world. Yet the show is important because it started the reality tv craze that is still going strong to this day. Everywhere you look now on tv there is some kind of reality show coming out the latest hit and my new favorite is FLAVA FLAVE!

So when your watching a cartoon or Next Top Model, or Sister Sister be thankfull of the shows that came before them and laid the ground work for what we enjoy today. And I just gotta say it again FLAVA FLAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!