Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stackin Chips

Lets say for a minute that there were no record companies at all to promote, set up shows and to a certain extent make money for your, or for the sake of this post "my" group or band. What would you do?

To me the answer is pretty simple. I would just do for myself what the record companies did. Alot of the hottest artists in the rap game had to, or are self-promoting themselfs without any help from record companies. To distribute my music I would make about a thousand copies of my best track, aslo known as a single, and two more songs and put them on a cd. I would then have all my friends and the people that I'm working with give thoses out for free at all the music stores and local hangouts where I live becasue there is no better place to get respect and known than in your own town. I would then try to get my record played on the local radio station and tell people what event we were going to be playing at. At the venue I would get paid for performing, and I would also at this point that people want my music I would sell that same three song demo cd for about five to seven dollars. Another area of media that I would use to promote my new cd relse or group would be on myspace. I know that myspace sounds corny but soo many people are on it its a great way to let fans of urs to listen to a few songs and get to look up ur upcoming events and get to know a little more about you. With myspace you automaticaly become accessable WORLDWIDE. Then lastly I would put up my new cd on iTunes, which is a music data base where people can buy music. They would have to pay about a dollar per song or about seventeen dollars for the full cd which is alot cheeper than what it would seel for in stores.
Like I said, without the record companies I would just promote myself like great underground artitst like up and coming rapper Papose. Give people just a taste, but make that tase soo good that they come begging back for more and will pay to get it......and at the end of the day you'll be stackin them chips


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