Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Propaganda. What exactly is that? I know that the first thing that came to my mind when asked that question was that propaganda was a bad thing that was used in govermental elections to bash on the apposing candadet. But by dictionary definition propaganda is is a specific type of message, or presentation directly aimed at influencing the opinion or behavior of people. So now that you think about it we have been exposed to propaganda our who lives. Remeber when you were little and you were watching staurday morning cartoons and then on the comercial you saw the new Power Rangers super action figures. The comercial made it seem like thoses were the best toys in the whole world and if u didnt get one then you wern't cool. Thats propaganda at its finest. It is essentially the job or marketers to use propaganda to sell their product. A perfect example of propaganda happened to my last friday. I was walking on campus toward my dorm when I was stopped by this guy who was selling cd's. He asked me if I liked rap music and I told him yes i lobve it. He then proceded to tell me that he had the best Bay Area mixtape by his group called D.B.'Z.....who had just been signed to E-40's lable. he said that he was going to give me a deal and sell it to me for 5 dollars, which was worth the price for 23 songs. All I had was 3 dollars but he said ok and to give hime feedback on what i thought of it next time taht I saw him. The cd was good but not the best taht I've heard. The reason why this is a perfect example of propaganda is because he told me that it was the BEST mixtape in the bay, which is technicallty impossible to determine considering all the thousdans of mixtapes and that every other person has a different taste in what they think is good and bad. But he did his job, he got me to buy it and take a listen to his Cd. All in all propaganda is around us and is a part of our everyday lives, the thing is not to look at it as a bad thing rather as a usufull tool to get ur point accross and your job done.


Blogger Truth Hurts said...

I encountered that kind of propaganda as well. It's great to know what people will do to get their music heard. I give them props.

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