Thursday, September 14, 2006


Like all forms of music and things and trends in life things go through chnages. Well there is a new element to the rap game and that is skateboarding. Yes I said skateboarding. When I first heard the single "kick push" by Chicago rapper Lupie Fiasco, I liked it alot but there was a part of me like so many others that was hesitant to imbrace the new song and fad. Because in rap there is a type of street credibility that goes with being a rapper. And the fact that he was talking about skateboarding to me just didn't seem right, it was'nt hard it wasn't street. Basically what I'm talking abou it a clash of two very different cultures into one. You have skateboarding which is the extreem suburban lifestyle, mostly known as a sport done by white people, and Rap which like i said before is all about your street credibility. All in all Lupie Fiasco's song and world renowned track maker and rapper Pharrell Willams new company and clothing line have indirectly mereged two worlds. If you wanna look at it as another way that "black and white" have come together. Though not an easy transition to get accepptance, the two artist have become a smash hit. You now here everyone listing to their tracks. So just a little note to all of you, have and oppened mind and especially and open ear the next time you hear some music thats "not" supposed to be made, because like I figured out, its all about the MUSIC.........SKATEBOARD P BABY


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